A Little More About Jen Renee

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Jen Renee grew up in the Midwest. A pretty typical childhood, filled with love and family. Many days she was surrounded by books. Jen always had an interest in reading and writing from a young age but didn't begin to pursue it until 2021. 


Once the urge to write again was sparked, she began writing several projects. She started with an interest in health and wellness, but her mind tended to wander back to more playful, kinky, and curious ideas. Writing about many of her interests keeps her quite busy. She also loves animals and spends some free time cuddling with her furry roommates. 


Jen is kinky minded and likes to explore writing fantasies hoping to put you right into the scene. She tends to write from a submissive point of view, but has teased about switching that up. She is working on many new projects and hopes to keep you wanting more.